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Concert for two Violas: Conservatoire Rachmaninoff

Paris, Conservatoire Rachmaninoff

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About the Event

Anatoly Grindenko and Natalia Timofeev deliver a stunning performance of a diverse selection of works for two viola da gambas at the prestigious Conservatoire Rachmaninoff in Paris.

The program showcases the talents of these exceptional musicians and takes the audience on a captivating journey through various musical styles and periods.

The concert begins with Johannes Schenck's haunting Prelude in A minor for solo viola da gamba op.8. Grindenko's masterful interpretation of this piece sets the tone for the evening, capturing the emotional depth and complexity of Schenck's composition.

Next, the duo presents Schenck's Sonata Nr. 6 in G minor for two violas da gamba 'Le Nymphes di Rheno' op.8. The seamless interplay between Grindenko and Timofeev highlights their exceptional musical chemistry, creating a rich tapestry of sound that brings Schenck's composition to life.

William Young's Suite in D minor for solo viola da gamba follows, showcasing Grindenko's virtuosity and technical prowess. The audience is transported to another world as they are enveloped by the soul‐stirring melodies and intricate harmonies of this beautiful piece.

John Jenkins' Suite in A minor for two violas da gamba provides a delightful contrast to the previous work. Grindenko and Timofeev's exquisite ensemble playing showcases their impeccable timing and sensitive musicianship, leaving the audience mesmerized by the intricate interplay between the two instruments.

The concert continues with Monsieur de Sainte‐Colombe's haunting Prelude in D minor from 'Manuscrit de Tournus' and Concert XLIV 'Tombeau des regrets' for two equal viols. Grindenko and Timofeev skillfully capture the expressive depth and mournful beauty of Sainte‐Colombe's compositions, creating a truly immersive experience for the audience.

The evening concludes with Louis de Caix d'Hervelois' Prelude in D minor for solo viola da gamba. Grindenko's expressive playing brings out the nuanced emotions of this piece, leaving a lasting impression on the listeners.

The duo returns to Schenck's repertoire with the performance of Sonata Nr. 10 in G Major for two violas da gamba 'Le Nymphes di Rheno' op.8. Grindenko and Timofeev's masterful interpretation highlights the intricate counterpoint and melodic richness of Schenck's composition, captivating the audience until the final note.

Anatoly Grindenko and Natalia Timofeev's performance at the Conservatoire Rachmaninoff in Paris is a testament to their exceptional artistry and dedication to their craft. Through their sublime playing and deep musical understanding, they transport the audience on an unforgettable musical journey, leaving them inspired and in awe of the beauty of the viola da gamba.


Conservatoire Rachmaninoff, 26 avenue de New York, Paris, France — Google Maps

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