Clair de Lune: Debussy - Bach - Beethoven

There are currently no dates available for this event.

In this highly-anticipated concert, hear the mellifluous sounds of classical music by Beethoven, Dvořák, Bach, Schumann and Debussy at Vienna's treasured and world-renowned Peterskirche.
With their romantic moonlight program, the internationally renowned artists Tomoko Mayeda (violin) and Yuumi Yamaguchi (piano) present popular works by great composers such as Bach, Beethoven or Debussy.
In the intimate setting of the crypt, which holds only fifty guests, they show their personal side. Their playing is virtuoso and elegant and touches from the very first moment.

About the Venue
Deep beneath St. Peter's Church in Vienna, the intimate concert hall offers new access to classical music for both newcomers and connoisseurs. Artists and audiences merge into a unity without any appreciable distance, which elevates musical enjoyment to another level.

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