Paris, France

The City of Light radiates with romance and countless glimmering gems of our world’s culture. It imparts its glow to the faces of 45 million visitors every year. The depth of Parisians’ love for art and music is reflected in the delicacy of every petit four, the elegance of every imposing marble façade, and the sheer number of stupendous concerts taking place around the clock. Paris can, of course, be discovered at any pace and place – people-watchers ponder civilization from dainty tables at sidewalk cafés, and extroverts race to experience, conquer, absorb, adventure, and discover. No matter what style visitors may choose to adopt by day, the opulent concert halls of Paris welcome and enchant all those who step through their doors each evening. With an unsurpassed range of offerings – from historically informed Baroque performances and refined chamber concerts to the latest in radical opera staging – Paris lives up to its reputation for luxury and savoir-faire in the music realm as in all others.

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