Cinderella: Paris Opera

Opéra national de Paris ©Charles-Henry Bédué

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With this “ballet‑metaphor”, the Company pays tribute to its former director Rudolf Nureyev. A great production that celebrates the opening of the Paris Opera’s anniversary year.

Charles Perrault’s celebrated tale, set to music by Sergei Prokofiev, is transposed to a film set. In a series of references to the heroes of the American cinema, Rudolf Nureyev propels his Cinderella under the spotlights of Hollywood. Because beautiful fairy-tales don’t belong to books only – sometimes it seems that life is a fairy-tale, and sometimes a fairy-tale seems to be carved out of life. This is reteling of the well-loved classic in an enticing way, providing a dazzling and colourful entertainment for everyone. After all, Love knows no boundaries – that is the magic of life!

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