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Christmas Folklore with the Original Bolshoi Don Cossacks

About the Event

During the Christmas season, the popular male choir of the 'Bolshoi Don Cossacks' brings a piece of Eastern European music history to Berlin.

The trained opera soloists come from a wide variety of countries and have been musically promoting international understanding with their songs for decades.
The basic repertoire consists of sacred songs, Cossack, Russian and Ukrainian folk songs. From the softest pianissimo to the loudest forte, the artists use not only their chorales but also their feeling with precision. Petja Houdjakov has been conducting the choir for 40 years and travels the world with the musicians. At Christmas time, the programme of the Don Cossacks is enriched with festive songs. In addition to songs such as 'Evening Bell', 'Volga‐Volga' or 'Red Saffron', traditional Christmas melodies will also be heard. With a little luck, the audience will experience one or two opera arias in between. The singers are accompanied instrumentally by the balalaika, a typical Russian plucked instrument, and the harmonica 'Aleksandra'.

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