About the Event

Explore the beauty of piano music at French Cathedral in Berlin, where masterworks from Chopin come to life in this incredible performance.

Frédéric Chopin has been celebrated as a master of Romanticism for 200 years. The composer himself loved to sit for hours at the piano and play to himself. A pianist with brilliant technique, he not only operated the 88 keys but 'touched' them. We present this beautiful simplicity of his music with outstanding young pianists in the series 'Chopin pur' at the French Cathedral.
Alexander Reitenbach studied in Stuttgart and Karlsruhe with Oleg Maisenberg, Friedeman Rieger and Günter Reinhold. His repertoire ranges from Baroque, with which he is also familiar on the organ, to contemporary music. In 2003 he performed a retrospective of 20th century works by 18 composers at the Institute for Contemporary Music Dresden. He followed invitations to various festivals and concert series in Europe. As a soloist, he has already performed piano concertos by Beethoven, Chopin, Brahms and Rachmaninoff. He has been teaching piano at the Musikhochschule Stuttgart since 2014.

French Cathedral
The Französischer Dom is one of the three key buildings at the Gendarmenmarkt, the most beautiful square in Berlin. The church was built as a place of worship for the Huguenots, followers of the Protestant Reformed Church of France, who were persecuted in their own country and found asylum in Berlin in the reign of Frederick the Great.

The Französischer Dom stands opposite the German Church or Neue Kirche, their identical domes and styles forming a stunning architectural ensemble. Unusually, in this location, 'Dom' refers not to a German 'cathedral', but to the French 'dome'. The building houses the Huguenot museum, a restaurant and a viewing platform that offers a gorgeous view of Mitte district of Berlin.

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