• Pietro Massa

Chopin Gala with Pietro Massa: Philharmonie Gasteig

Munich, Philharmonie Gasteig — Kleiner Konzertsaal

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Step back into history and experience the grandeur of piano music at the beautiful Philharmonie Gasteig in Munich.

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Ballade g‐Moll op. 23
Ballade F‐Dur op. 38
Ballade As‐Dur op. 47
Ballade f‐Moll op. 52

Walzer Des‐Dur op. 64 Nr. 1
Walzer cis‐Moll op. 64 Nr. 2
Walzer As‐Dur op. 64 Nr. 3
Berceuse Des‐Dur op. 57
Polonaise‐Fantaisie As‐Dur op. 61
Scherzo E‐Dur op. 54


  • Chopin, Frederic – Selected Works for Piano
Program is subject to change


Soloist: Massa, Pietro

Pietro Massa was born in Milan (Italy) on March 6th 1973. He studied Piano Performance with Aldo Ciccolini in Paris and Composition with Bruno Bettinelli in his native city. In 1999 he moved to Berlin. The capital of Germany became centre of his life and the base of a career as soloist all over the world.

He has collaborated with the Rachmaninoff String Quartet (Russia), the Lamy String Quartet (Japan) and the Staatskapelle Ensemble in Berlin (Germany).

After his first CD recorded in the Teldex Studios Berlin (Master Arts, 2005), he resolved to transcend the limits of the recording studio. Genuin Leipzig published two recordings with orchestras in live concerts: the Piano Concerto No. 3 by Sergej Rachmaninoff in 2007 and the Concerto for Piano, Choir and Orchestra op. 39 in 2008 (Price of the critic «Hessischer Rundfunk 2009»).

His discography with orchestra has been realized with the conductors Stefan Malzew (GMD Neubrandenburger Philharmonie), Peter Hirsch (Rundfunk Sinfonieorchester Berlin), Alessandr Crudele (Berliner Symphoniker) and Cristoph‐Mathias Müller (GMD Göttinger Symphoniker).

He began to take a great interest in the Italian piano repertoire of the 19th and 20th century. After intensive archival research, he discovered a copy of the lost score of the Piano Concerto in F major No. 2 op. 92 by Mario Castelnuovo‐Tedesco at the Fleisher Collection in Philadelphia (USA). The first European Performance of this work took place in the Berliner Philharmonie. Capriccio Wien published the Piano Concerto as World Premiere.

Crystal Classics scheduls the release of two further recordings in 2011: the Piano Concerto by Giuseppe Martucci in B minor No. 2 op. 66 (Live — Neubrandeburger Philharmonie, Cond. Stefan Malzew) and the Complete Piano Works by the Oper Composer Riccardo Zandonai (World Premiere).

Pietro has completed three master's degrees in, respectively, Piano Performance, Composition and Ancient Greek Literature. In 2005, he obtained his PhD in Musicology at the Free University Berlin with the dissertation «Carl Orff's Tragic Trilogy and the Reception of Hölderlin's Poetry in the Context of Post‐War Germany» (Peter Lang, Frankfurt am Main, 2006).

Customer Reviews

5.0 of 5

  • Boris F, Израиль

    Dec 2019

    На уровне . И сам театр , и артисты , и оркестр , и буфет .

  • Martin K, Deutschland

    May 2019

    Great performance, beautiful opera house

  • Matthias S, Deutschland

    Mar 2019

    Dirigent & Orchester & Stimmung sehr klasse, die Sängerin gut mit kleinen wenigen zu leisen Tönen in der Tiefe bei den Alttpassagen ;-) ein sehr schöner bewegender abend

  • Adetunji A, Germany

    Mar 2019

    Best concert

  • Matthias M, Deutschland

    Jan 2019

    Sehr schöne Veranstaltung. Die Sitze im Tempodrom sind unbequem.

  • Margarita Z, Latvia

    Dec 2018


  • Fabienne R, Deutschland

    Dec 2018

    Hat uns sehr viel Spaß gemacht! Eine tolle Stimmung und eine talentierte Truppe. Sehr empfehlenswert!

  • Mikael N, Finland

    Dec 2018

    Fantastic performance!

  • svetlana s, Россия

    Dec 2018

    спектакль замечательный. наценка на билет минимальная. спасибо

  • Eduardo P, Austria

    Oct 2018

    The performance has been fantastic, the musicians, the dancer and very special the singers. My best congratulations for this fantastic performance. The food is good but I think that need improve a little, specially the entrances

  • Heinrich M, Deutschland

    May 2016

    Ausgezeichnete Vorstellung

  • YAOYAO X, China

    Apr 2015

    Fantastic show!

  • Georg N, Deutschland

    Aug 2014

    Sehr guter Pianist. Gefühlvolle und ausdruchsvolle Spielweise. Gerne wieder.

  • Galina K, Россия

    Mar 2014

    Театр великолепный! Постановка понравилась, но тяжело было вынести три антракта.

  • Irina S, Россия

    Mar 2014

    Превосходная постановка,в особенности для любителей оперных традиций!Всем гостям Таллина хочется ПОЖЕЛАТЬ посещения этого замечательного Театра,где публика не менее прекрасна,чем Спектакль!


    Nov 2012

    La primera opera a la que asisto y me encantó. Por solo 12 euros pude disfrutar de Carmen en la opera de Tallín

  • anne‐dominique r.,

    Nov 2012

    c'etait ma seconde représentation d'opéra

  • Bernt A.,

    Oct 2012

    High class live performance with excellent artists in a beautiful concert hall.

  • COLIN L., United Kingdom

    Oct 2012

    It was a superb night

  • Peter S.,

    Sep 2012

    A nice opera house in convenient location; good performance; good orchestra

  • Angelika S.,

    Sep 2012

    ausgezeichnet! Schade, dass dieTallinner Oper nicht ganz nahe ist!

  • Kensuke C., Japan

    Sep 2012


  • Richard M., United Kingdom

    Sep 2012

    Excellent: very easy to exchange voucher for ticket & Estonian National Opera gave a very good performance.

  • Margit W., Germany

    Jul 2012

    Bei Edita Gruberova und auch der übrigen Starbesetzung versteht sich diese Bewertung fast schon von selbst. :-) Kaum zu glauben, dass diese schöne Oper in München seit 175 (!) Jahren nicht mehr gespielt wurde.

  • Martin J., Germany

    Jul 2012

    Gute Stimmen; Stück leidet etwas unter der konzertanten Aufführungssituation.

  • Kari E., Norway

    Jun 2012

    Very good.

  • Peter H., Germany

    Jun 2012

    Sehr gute Sänger

  • Baiba T., Latvia

    Jun 2012

    This was absolutely nice! We where so happy to see it!

  • john a., United Kingdom

    Jun 2012

    A beautiful spectacle, very well sung and a true full Opera. Not a dry eye in the house at the end. Thank you John Arnold

  • Brian R., United Kingdom

    Jun 2012


  • Jeannine C., Switzerland

    Jun 2012

    J'aime la musique classique et j'étais avec une amie qui est, non seulement mélomane, mais pianiste! Le récital nous a transporté "sur un nuage" ! ! ! ! Bravo et merci Monsieur Massa

  • suzanne f., United States

    Jun 2012

    We thoroughly enjoyed the evening.

  • Pascale B., France

    Jun 2012

    très bien

  • klaus guise l., Denmark

    Jun 2012

    A very nice experience

  • Markku L., Finland

    Jun 2012

    A truly great experience. The show was fine and the opera house is a gem.

  • Jens H., Germany

    Jun 2012

    Sehr unterhaltsamer Opernabend, gute Sänger und plausible Regie.

  • CATHERINE M., United Kingdom

    Jun 2012

    The whole experience was wonderful. Great seats, a lovely location and an excellent performance

  • Laurence C., Australia

    Jun 2012

    The seat was excellent. The Ballet was first class with wonderful dancers and a very good orchestra.

  • maija n., Finland

    May 2012

    There were five persons and we all loved Rosalinde.

  • YOSHIHIRO H., Japan

    May 2012


  • Pekka V., Finland

    May 2012

    excellent and highly talented performance

  • Nina V., Finland

    May 2012

    Ballet was great and Estonian Theatre was beautiful old building

  • Anastasia K., Russian Federation

    Apr 2012

    It was a real present. Fantastic, magnificent. I enjoyed it very much! Well worth spending time!

  • Christer S., Finland

    Apr 2012

    Only remark: the presentation could have been more "compact". Duration optimal 3h.

  • nicholas r., United Kingdom

    Apr 2012

    I very much enjoyed Manon Lescaut. The performance was good and the presentation was excellent with the opera sung in Italian with surtitles in both Estonian and English. I always enjoy attending Operas in Eastern Europe as they have a very different approach and perception of the operatic experience and time is given during intervals when audience members can promenade through the opera house discussing and reflecting on the performance .

  • Ingrid B., Germany

    Apr 2012

    It was a marvellous event which we enjoyed very much.

  • Cecily K., Ireland

    Apr 2012

    All was fine

  • Jürgen W., Germany

    Apr 2012

    eine interessante Aufführung

  • Anja N., Finland

    Apr 2012

    We joined!

  • Tsuyoshi D., Germany

    Apr 2012


  • Risto C., Finland

    Mar 2012

    Music was excellent

  • Pauliina T., Finland

    Feb 2012

    high quality show

  • Seija L., Finland

    Jan 2012

    Kaikki toimi hyvin. Musiikki ja koko esitys oli hyvä. Oopperalaji, barokki, ei vain ollut tuttu. Esitys parani koko ajan vähän hämmentävän ja pitkästyttävän ensimmäisen näytöksen jälkeen. Muuten kaikki toimi erinomaisesti.

  • Birte B., Estonia

    Jan 2012

    great performance, but seats are very narrow and view not satisfying

  • Werner K., Germany

    Jan 2012

    Ein toller und begnadeter Organist, der ein weites Spektrum von anspruchsvoller klassischer Orgelmusik bis hin zur Moderne (Rockinterpretationen) beherrscht. Seine Erläuterungen dazwischen waren auf den Punkt gebracht und sehr gut.

  • Heidi N., Finland

    Jan 2012

    The performance was fine and especially the dancers gave an extra "bonus" to the whole experience. The only negative thing was that since I was sitting on row 13, I couln't see the text above the scene because of the balcony and the monitors were somewhat aside from my seat, so following the text and the scene at the same time wasn't too easy. I don't blame that though. Anyhow, sometimes the texts changed so quickly, it was impossible to read them that fast. I knew the plot so it didn't matter that much. But maybe the persons using the text machine could pay a little more attention to that.

  • Mikko P., Finland

    Jan 2012

    Wery convenient evening, the performance was well done and the seats well situated.

  • Pekka C., Finland

    Jan 2012

    My wife did not like "Rodolfo" singer and "Mimi" was too fat, so she gave 3 points. As for myself, 5 points.

  • Christian G., Switzerland

    Jan 2012

    Darsteller mit Begeisterung dabei. Sehr gekonnt.

  • jörgen n., Finland

    Jan 2012

    It was a real wonderful performance. Also the atmosphere at the opera was very good.

  • Kai‐Uwe K., Germany

    Jan 2012

    It was amazing, a great performance, I´ve never seen it so good before in other (western) european capitals.

  • Ilkka H., Finland

    Jan 2012

    My experience was good, I enjoyed the evening very much.

  • Peter V., Austria

    Dec 2011

    Very interesting interpretation of the Hungarian rythm by a "cool" couintry.

  • Selina S., Finland

    Dec 2011


  • Jon T., United States

    Dec 2011

    My ticket was immediately available on presentation of my ClassicTic printout at the box office window. The seat was excellent, as was the performance.

  • Pentti S., Finland

    Dec 2011

    Very impressive performance.

  • Emer T., Ireland

    Dec 2011

    Absolutely fantastic. We enjoyed every minute.

  • Cornelia I., Germany

    Dec 2011

    Die Beinfreiheit ist aber im Opernhaus sehr begrenzt. Für größere Personen empfiehlt es sich, die "Boxen" zu buchen, falls das möglich ist.

  • Esko K., Finland

    Dec 2011

    Stage set, costumes and lighting were excellent, orchestra and choir were fine, some soloists had difficulties with their voices in the beginning of the first act but improved then and were very good in the second and third acts, where especially Aile Asszonyi and Jassi Zahharov gave excellent performance.

  • Siobhan O., Ireland

    Nov 2011

    lovely evening

  • Matti S., Finland

    Nov 2011

    After a somewhat unclear start the production turned to be an excellent one. The time‐transfer — into the late 1960´s — wasn´t altogether justified, but especially the last two acts were wonderful music theatre.

  • Petri V., Finland

    Nov 2011

    The performance was excellent.

  • Eija J., Finland

    Nov 2011

    I has small children with me (one only 5 years old), so you can immaggine…

  • Elizabeth W., United Kingdom

    Nov 2011

    Really enjoyed the event. Collecting the tickets at the box office was a simple procedure.

  • Peter W., Germany

    Nov 2011

    Einfach Klasse

  • ILKKA L., Finland

    Nov 2011

    It was a great experience.

  • Ulpu H., Finland

    Nov 2011

    It was super!

  • Tiina K., Finland

    Oct 2011

    There was not very much space for the legs in the auditorium. However, the opera was good and the music beautiful. The only minus: Mimi did not look like very ill and weak young lady. The opera house itself is worth for visiting.

  • Peter T., United Kingdom

    Oct 2011

    The performance was of a very high standard from the very beginninh

  • Seija L., Finland

    Oct 2011

    Loistava esitys. Upea Tallinnan oopperatalo. Olimme tyytyväisiä elämykseen.

  • Norbert E., Finland

    Oct 2011

    Traditional performance, good singers and conductor, goos costumes

  • Jacqueline R., Ireland

    Oct 2011

    An Excellent evening entertainment

  • Willy V., Belgium

    Oct 2011

    It was superb

  • Martti N., Finland

    Oct 2011

    Aila Asszonyi, Heli Veskus and Arvo VOlmer were wonderfull

  • werner B., Austria

    Oct 2011

    The operahouse is fine, the orchestra is very good, but because of the singers it was avery bad performance.

  • Mirja Anneli N., Finland

    Oct 2011

    Fantastic !

  • Karin E., Sweden

    Oct 2011


  • Saija N., Finland

    Oct 2011

    songs were great and songers were very professional. The story itself was quite simple.

  • Michael B., Germany

    Oct 2011

    Der Abend war super. Die Qualität der Musiker und Sänger viel besser als erwartet und der Konzertsaal nicht so riesig, so dass eine tolle Atmosphäre entstand.

  • PAUL B., United Kingdom

    Sep 2011

    it was absolutely fabulous !

  • Per J., Denmark

    Sep 2011

    The best opera I have seen and heard in many years

  • Jukka V., Finland

    Sep 2011

    Excellent evening.

  • Ricardo V., Brazil

    Jul 2011


  • Pekka S., Finland

    Mar 2011

    We liked the show, thank you

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