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Canto Ostinato — The Vocal Experience

About the Event

Immerse yourself in the stunning architecture of Amsterdam's breathtaking De Waalse Kerk for the ultimate concert set to awake your understanding of music.

What feels closer than the sound and expression of the human voice? PA'dam brings you the choral premiere of Canto Ostinato by as many as 16 singers. All possibilities of the voice are maximized for this minimal music. The special sound world is enriched by the warm sound of marimbas, harp and double bass.
Musical lines are enhanced by expressive movements of the singers, from changing positions in the room. Video projections enlarge or diminish, slow down or speed up their movements. Let your eyes dance along to these two versions of reality an impressive translation of the elusive nature of Canto Ostinato.
Simeon Ten Holt's masterpiece already has a long history of success. The persistent, slowly changing music leads to a feeling of endlessness, a trance with also very rousing rhythmic moments. Experience the unique choral version with the singers of PA'dam!

Cast / Production

Chamber choir PA'dam conducted by Maria van Nieukerken.
Manja Smits, harp
Jelte van Andel, double bass
Mallet Collective, marimbas
Arrangement by Benno Bonke
Directed by Nick Fleuren

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