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BREAKIN’ MOZART Klassik meets Breakdance at Philharmonie Berlin

About the Event

Immerse yourself in the awe‐inspiring architecture of Berlin's renowned Philharmonie Berlin for a one‐of‐a-kind musical experience. This unforgettable performance blends classical sound with hip‐hop and techno beats, creating a firework of genres that defies expectations.

Inspired by the enigmatic Mozart, director, conductor, and music producer Christoph Hagel has crafted a truly unique crossover project. Imagining how Mozart would thrive in the modern era, Hagel brings his music to life in a captivating way, blending breakdance, techno, and hip‐hop elements. Classical melodies serve as the foundation for an energetic mix of styles, resulting in an artistic show with an unparalleled entertainment factor.

The performance features live renditions of famous arias like the Queen of the Night from 'The Magic Flute,' reimagined as cool hip‐hop tracks. Accompanying these innovative musical arrangements are the award‐winning breakdancers of the internationally acclaimed 'DDC — Dancefloor Destruction Crew,' showcasing their exceptional choreographic skills.

This boundary‐pushing collaboration between classical music and contemporary genres elevates familiar compositions to new heights, offering a fresh perspective on Mozart's genius. Prepare to be dazzled as the Philharmonie Berlin becomes a vibrant playground for the convergence of classical and modern sounds, leaving the audience enthralled by this sublime fusion of styles and artistic expression.

Cast / Production

DDC — Dancefloor Destruction Crew — Dance & Choreography
Christoph Hagel — direction & piano

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