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Berliner Residenz Konzerte with Dinner: Musical Time Travel with the Berliner Residenz Orchester

About the Event

The Berlin Residence Ensemble cordially invites you to a musical journey that traces the music‐historical connections from the Italian Baroque to the English pre‐classical period.
The Italian composer Arcangelo Corelli is considered an important co‐founder of the musical genre concerto grosso. His twelve virtuoso Concerti grossi Opus 6, which he wrote in the palace of the papal vice‐chancellor Ottoboni, are famous — look forward to No. 4 from this impressive work.
In close contact with Corelli was Francesco Geminiani, who travelled from Italy to London in 1714 and became a musical influence there. His concerto grosso 'La folia' will be played by the chamber ensemble under the direction of Alexandra Rossmann in a virtuoso and moving manner.
The Englishman Charles Avison, on the other hand, was Geminiani's pupil in London — his elegant Concerto grosso No.19 in D major op.4‐7 impressively demonstrates the change in musical styles in Europe.
Experience an exciting concert on the traces of music history from the Italian baroque to the English pre‐classical period!

Schloss Charlottenburg — Orangerie

The Schloss Charlottenburg Orangery is part of the historic palace in Charlottenburg, Berlin. Built between 1709 and 1712 in the Baroque style, the Orangery was originally designed to house the royal citrus fruit collection in winter. Now a prestigious venue for all types of events, including classical concerts and gala dinners, the Orangery welcomes many talented performers. The Berliner Residenz Orchestra regularly performs musical masterpieces of the Classical and Baroque period, wearing costumes from the 17th and 18th centuries.

Practical Information

Let your palate be enchanted by selected delicacies in the west wing of the Great Orangery at 6 p.m. and then listen to a wonderful concert in the east wing at 8 p.m.
The three‐course menu with seasonal ingredients from regional cultivation, thematically coordinated with the concerts and creatively arranged.

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