About the Event

When the Spanish national poet Miguel de Cervantes brought “the knight of the woeful countenance” to life in his 1605 novel Don Quixote, he created a figure of world literature that remains fascinating to this day. Even during the Baroque era, this masterpiece inspired countless musical interpretations.

In this program – for the first time – the Berliner Residence Orchestra and their fearless director Alexandra Rossman follow the path of the hapless knight and his ignoble steed Rocinante through a world of entertaining and imaginative concert repertoire. The Spanish fire of Luigi Boccherini’s work meets the burlesque of G.P. Telemann and the passion of Antonio Vivaldi. The Berlin Residence Orchestra, costumed in historically authentic, Baroque attire and performing in a majestic venue, invites you to follow them on this whimsical journey.

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