Bach: Mass in B minor in the Church of Saint-Roch

Francoise Lasserre © DR

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Enjoy Bach's music in the magnificent Saint-Roch Church.

It took Johann Sebastian Bach more than twenty-five years to compose his Mass in B minor, and the least we can say is that the result easily explains it: of titanic dimensions, it undoubtedly constitutes one of the heights of the musician's art. The choral pages, in particular, require an unfailing vocal technique and collective discipline - they will be sung here by an ensemble of ten virtuoso soloists, as was undoubtedly the case during Bach's lifetime.

  • JS Bach: Christmas Oratorio

    JS Bach: Christmas Oratorio

    Wed, Dec 12 2018, 20:30

    Paris, Eglise Saint-Roch

    Sales end: Dec 12 2018, 17:30

    Sales end: Dec 12 2018, 17:30

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