Wiener Kammerchor


Chamber music, chamber musician, chamber choir… Chamber is a promising word when applied to music. Chamber music suggests art music performed in a small hall for a private audience in an intimate, perhaps even feudal, atmosphere: small but very nice. How much of that applies to Vienna’s chamber choir, the Wiener Kammerchor? Well, it is definitely small and very nice, an ensemble of excellent vocalists. The atmosphere is intimate, because interpersonal harmony is the basis of this kind of artistry. But feudal? Hardly. The choir’s structure is clearly republican, with two conductors as equal partners on the podium. Since the beginning of 2005, Johannes Prinz has been sharing the position of artistic director with Michael Grohotolsky. Thus after ten years of highly successful “Prinzly” rule, the choir is now led by a duumvirate in a spirit of complementary cooperation.

Cooperation is the order of the day in the Wiener Kammerchor. When passionately keen and highly discriminating singers get together to make music, the question of structures becomes secondary. Their common love forges a whole out of many parts, creating an ensemble with an unmistakeable identity.

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