Schmid, Benjamin


Born in Vienna in 1968, Benjamin Schmid studied in Salzburg, Vienna and at the Curtis Institute in Philadelphia. Between 1985 and 1992 Benjamin won a number of international awards, amongst the Carl Flesch Competition where he won the Mozart Prize, the Beethoven Prize and the Audience Prize!

Benjamin Schmid’s repertoire is extremely broad. As well as regularly performing all the major works for violin and orchestra, works by Austrian composers – Berg, Goldmark, Hartman, Korngold, Kreisler, Mozart, Muthspiel, Schönberg, Webern – are at its very core. Each year Schmid allocates a proportion of his time to playing chamber music. With pianist Ariane Haering he concentrates on the works by Mozart which the duo has started to record. Schmid’s passion for jazz, which began at very early age, is also reflected throughout his schedule.

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