Schlossorchester Berlin


The Berlin Palace Orchestra was established in 2004, is a group of freelance instrumentalists and orchestral musicians from several opera houses of Berlin such as Staatsoper, Deutsche Oper, and Komische Oper. They cultivate a repertoire typical for the Prussian court in Berlin and Potsdam at the time of Frederick the Great. In addition to composers from Prussia, this includes famous names of the Baroque era such as Johann Sebastian Bach and Georg Friedrich Händel, as well as symphonies and concertos by the Viennese classicists Joseph Haydn and Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart.    The musicians perform in costumes of the Baroque period, conveying an authentic atmosphere of concerts of that time. The audience is taken on a musical journey through time to the Royal Prussian Court in the 18th century. In the past years, the Berlin Palace Orchestra has grown from being an insiders’ tip to a successful representative of historicised performance and is proud to present historical music performance with modern instruments. 

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