Primas Kings Chamber Ensemble 100 Member Gipsy Orchestra


The Chamber Orchestra of the 100 Member Gipsy Orchestra was formed from the soloists of the world unique orchestra. The chamber part has given concerts of great success in the past years at the Hilton Dominican Court within the program of the Budafest Summer Music Festival. Their repertiore includes works by Liszt, Brahms, Sarsaté as well as classical pieces scored for Gipsy orchestra.

The aim of the Budapest Gypsy Symphony Orchestra is to keep this exceptional musical value alive, not as a touristic spectacle but as an appreciation of artistic performance, to upkeep the tradition that can be traced back for centuries, the curio that they brought with them as a family tradition from generation to generation, enriching the colourful palette of cultures of the European nations.

The Leading Primas’ of the 100 Member Gipsy Orchestra:
Sándor Rigó “Buffó”
József Lendvai “Csócsi”
Soloist: Oszkár Ökrös

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