Paul Joseph Quartet


The Paul Joseph Quartet is known for its unique jazz arrangements of classical music. As well as their Classical Jazz programming, they’ve concertized extensively the past several years doing a variety of American Songbook composer‐theme programs featuring Gershwin, Rodgers, Porter, Kern, Ellington, and even holiday jazz. Pianist/composer Paul Joseph has taken enthusiastic audiences on an inspiring musical journey through the passionate world of his classically‐oriented compositions in orchestral, choral, and ballet performances, as well as all‐original solo piano concerts. His compositions have been performed locally as well as nationally by many orchestras including the Queens Symphony Orchestra led by world renown maestro Arthur Fagen, who states, “Paul Joseph is certainly a composer whose music deserves to be heard. His music has a beautiful, deep felt lyricism which has an immediate emotional impact upon its listeners.” The PJQ’s dynamic rhythm section consists of drummer Mike Corn and bassist Edgar Mills, both seasoned performers and producers, who will be joined by the eclectic violinist Susan Mitchell.

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