Nordic Symphony


The Nordic Symphony is an orchestra of international musicians. It was founded in 1997 by young female twins Anu Tali and Kadri Tali to strengthen cultural ties between Estonia and Finland. The orchestra convenes for just three or four projects per season, performing around ten concerts. As a result, preparation and rehearsals in Estonia are typified by a lively atmosphere, great intensity and unusually high musical standards. The programme is then performed in several European countries as part of a European tour.

Originally formed as the Estonian‐Finnish Symphony Orchestra, a change of name became necessary as the composition of the orchestra evolved. Today, the Nordic Symphony comprises the finest musicians from 15 countries. The orchestra's unmistakable sound is the product of the varied influences of many schools, cultures and traditions, while its repertoire puts classical and contemporary works side by side, with Scandinavian and Baltic music at the fore.

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