Kairos Quartett


The Berlin‐based Kairos Quartett was founded in 1996 and specializes in New Music. At the heart of the quartet’s activities lie landmark compositions written after 1950, and pioneering music of today.
As a bridge between composer and audience the musicians work closely — whenever possible — with the composers and also reach out to the audience by offering lecture recitals and workshops.
As a case in point Kairos offered the concert & talks series 'Fünf Fenster' at the Kulturbrauerei in Berlin which was enthusiastically received by the public, media, and composers alike.
The Quartet has given workshops for music majors at universities in Berlin, Zurich, Mexico City, and Bergen (Norway).
Concert tours included Austria, Britain, Italy, Mexico, Norway, Switzerland, and the Ukraine. In 2004 we will also perform in Belgium, the Netherlands, France, and Finland.

There are currently no event dates available.

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