Francese, Lisa


Lisa Francese begins her musical studies in Italy at the “L. Refice” conservatory of Frosinone, where she brilliantly graduated in piano with the famous pianist and composer Enrico Pieranunzi. Furthermore, she studies composition with Antonia D’Antò, Pier Narcisio Masi at Musical Academy of Florence and with Vincenzo Balzani in Milan. She takes part at the production of a CD dedicated to Attilio Brugnoli’s musics, released for the edition if his Opera Omnia book. She performs various successful concert seasons in Rome, notably in the Sant’Agnese Basilica in Piazza Navona, Sagrestia del Borromini, and in some of the most important museums in the town, such as Palazzo Braschi, Villa Giulia, and Castel Sant’Angelo.

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