Baroque orchestra B'Rock was founded in 2005 by harpsichord player, composer and conductor Frank Agsteribbe and double bass player Tom Devaere. The orchestra is located in Ghent — Flanders. B'Rock started out of a desire for renewal and rejuvenation in the world of early music. B'Rock is an internationally orientated group without a permanent conductor or artistic leader. The core of the orchestra consists of some twenty young musicians who have specialised in historical informed performance practice.

B'Rock stands for a presentation of early music that focuses on performance and style, whereby expression and intensity come first. In its programmes B'Rock combines the standard Baroque literature with less familiar repertory from the 17th and 18th centuries. The orchestra also pays special attention to the performance and creation of contemporary music tailored to its period instruments and often commissions renowned composers such as Uri Caine or Dominique Pauwels to write for the group. Opera and adventurous music theatre form an important part of its artistic field.

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