Barenboim, Daniel

Daniel Barenboim, © Photo: Peter Adamik

Daniel Barenboim’s life is an epic spanning continents featuring a star-studded cast of musical giants and punctuated by remarkable achievements and innumerable awards, accolades, and prizes. Born in Argentina to Russian Jewish parents, Barenboim’s career started behind the piano with an international debut in Vienna and Rome in 1952 before moving towards conducting and musical direction—his current forte. Barenboim is currently head of La Scala in Milan, the Berlin State Opera, and the Staatskapelle Berlin, ensembles he has stamped with his distinctive personal tastes and approach. He is especially well known for his recordings of Mozart and Beethoven’s piano sonatas, Mozart’s piano concertos, Chopin’s nocturnes and numerous collaborations with his late wife, acclaimed cellist Jacqueline du Pré.

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