Amadinda Percussion Group

The Amadina percussion ensemble, whose members are Károly Bojtos, Aurél Holló, Zoltán Rácz and Zoltán Váczi, takes its name from a traditional Ugandan instrument. Since its formation in 1984, Amadinda has played a prominent role in Hungarian concert life and at international festivals. Their concerts feature many 20th century percussion compositions, in addition to transcriptions of string, keyboard and other works from earlier eras. They are also noted exponents of traditional non‐European music from Africa, Asia and Polynesia. Amadinda has given numerous world and Hungarian premières. The four musicians have worked with Steve Reich, John Cage, Péter Eötvös and many other composers. Amadinda’s artistic director is Zoltán Rácz. They have received many awards for their work: Stipendium Prize ( Darmstadt, 1984), Gaudeamus Music Competition (Rotterdam, 1985), Hungarian Composer’s Society Prize (1986), Record of the Year (1987), Liszt Prize (1988), ARTISJUS Copyright Office Prize (1991, 1998), Order of Merit of the Hungarian Republic (1997), Kossuth Prize (2004).

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