Alban Berg's Wozzeck

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Markus Stenz, chief conductor of the Netherlands Radio Philharmonic Orchestra gives evidence that Alban Berg's expressionistic sound perfectly matches the story of the tragic Wozzeck, an atonal work with a complext musical structure, full of archaic musical forms, including passacaglias, fugues, and Baroque dances.

Radio Philharmonic Orchestra
Radio Choir
National Children's Choir
Markus Stenz (conductor)

Florian Boesch (bass-baritone, Wozzeck)
Asmik Grigorian (soprano, Marie)
N.A. (Boy soprano, child)
Thomas Piffka (tenor, captain)
Nathan Berg (bass, doctor)
Guy Mannheim (tenor, tambour major)
Peter Tantsits (tenor, Andres)
Ruth Willemse (mezzo soprano, Margeret)
John Roeder Heuze (tenor, jester)
Richard Wiegold (bass, first apprentice)
Florian Just (baritone second apprentice)

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