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Particularly before Christmas, many people seek the peace and contemplation of St. Stephen's Cathedral to prepare for the most beautiful time of the year. The Christmas concerts in St. Stephen's Cathedral invite you to pause for a while — moments when you can escape the hustle and bustle of the pre‐Christmas period and return to the essential things in life.

These intimate evenings are filled with festive chamber music and the most beautiful Christmas songs, skillfully interpreted by the Harmonia Ensemble Vienna, soprano and baritone solos contribute to the contemplative atmosphere.

Aside from playing in orchestras, the musicians of the Harmonia Ensemble Vienna perform with great efficacy and pleasure as a chamber ensemble, always with the aim of broadening their musical abilities and horizons. The musicians thus followed an old tradition, as is customary with established orchestras such as the Vienna Philharmonic.

Get your tickets and experience a magical pre‐Christmas evening at St. Stephen's Cathedral!

The stage is not directly visible from seats in Category 3. The concert presenter recommends Categories 1‐2 for the best view.

Customer Reviews

3.5 of 5

  • Andrea C, Italia

    Dec 2019

    Un concerto assolutamente imperdibile! L'aria magica della chiesa di Santo Stefano rende ancora più emozionante qualsiasi concerto.

  • Tatyana Z, Israel

    Dec 2019

    Excellent performance! Highly recommend!

  • Erich D, Österreich

    Dec 2019

    Konzert war sehr schön und hat uns sehr gut gefallen. Die Sänger sollten mehr im Vordergrund stehen! Beim Einlass in den Stephansdom war es chaotisch und sollte besser organisiert sein.

  • Modesto M, Spain

    Dec 2018

    This is the first time we ordered rickets at ClassicTic and we had no problems at all. The tickets were ready for us at Stephansdom and we enyoid very murch a beautiful concert.

  • Ruud v, Netherlands

    Dec 2018

    Very nice concert with fantastic Christmas feeling !!

  • Lorena R, USA

    Dec 2018

    Worth every penny! A must do if you’re here over the holidays. If I lived here I would come every holiday, especially becaue the program changes from year to year.

  • Leonie S, Australia

    Dec 2018

    Whilst the music was nice it was extremely cold and very late. I was expecting it to be much more ornate in the church. It was not as festive as I was hoping.

  • Catherine M, Ireland

    Dec 2018

    Very enjoyable performance and the setting was so good.

  • Gary B, USA

    Dec 2018

    Fantastic event. Wonderful way to put your mind and heart into the spirit of Christmas.

  • Sharon M, United Kingdom

    Dec 2018

    We really enjoyed the concert. Venue stunning and music sounded fantastic. The staff working at the event weren’t so helpful. As my husband and I walked to the entrance of the cathedral we had come in by (I wanted to light a candle in the cathedral) we were stopped by a member of staff who told us “You’ve paid for the show, not the tour” and we were abruptly told to leave by the side exit. We understand staff need to direct people to the correct exit however her manner was rude and brought our mood down after such a wonderful performance. Maybe staff would benefit from lessons in politeness/kindness?

  • Ioanna Y, Cyprus

    Dec 2018

    Truly magical!!

  • Yolanda B, United Kingdom

    Dec 2018

    Wonderful. An unforgettable experience. Soprano soloist was outstanding and trumpet player also. It is a pity so many people were holding up camera phones to film and spoiling the view. I could not see very much in the second sector. But musically a very enjoyable experience.

  • Erhard Z, Deutschland

    Dec 2018


  • Christine G

    Dec 2018

    great singers, realy good at all

  • ANCA CRENGUTA B, Romania

    Dec 2018


  • Stephen M, United Kingdom

    Dec 2018

    Great setting for a great concert.

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