Tango & Dinner in Buenos Aires
La Ventana



Buenos Aires is the capital of Tango. Tango is present in every corner of the city and it is an integral part of the customs of its inhabitants.

The ritual of Tango is more than a musical composition, a dance, or an instrumental and vocal performance. It is a passionate way of feeling and experiencing life and the world.

In the heart of San Telmo, this historically restored building has become a highlight of the cultural scene of Buenos Aires. La Ventana is a journey back in time. Its historical interior has been conserved and provides the perfect stage for this unique event.

The Grand Juan D'Arienzo Orchestra and a Quintet will join two tango singers, six dance couples and a traditional dance company, with a total of 32 artists on stage.

The VIP Category offers preferential seating close to the performance.


Cold Entrees:
Caprese Salad -
Tomato, mozzarella and basil.
Chef Salad -
Tomato, ham, lettuce, cheese, carrot, boiled egg and red cabbage.
Vitel Thoné -
Thin slice of beef with sauce (tuna, milk cream, mayonnaise, white wine, anchovies and boiled egg).

Hot Entrees:
Empanadas Criollas -
Salted pie filled with hand cut meat.
Vegetables Soup
with various vegetables.
Classic Onion Cream Soup
Red baby onions, fresh cream, baby greens and sprouts,
served with gruyere cheese bruschetta.

Main Course:
Grilled young Beef
(cooked to order) with roasted potatoes with fines herbs.
Cutlet of Beef and pepper
with potatoes.
Grilled Chicken
together with saffron rice, bacon and carrots.
Chicken with Mushroom Cream
with Spanish potatoes.
Grilled Hake
with julienne vegetables.
Fillet of Pork with balsamic vinegar, honey, bacon and shallot sauce,
served with glazed apples.
Mozzarella and Jam Sorrentinos.
Vegetable Ravioli.
Spaghetti de Cecco.

Sauces: Tomato, Parissiene, Oleo, Pesto, Cream, Ragu of beef

Bread Pudding with caramel.
Homemade Flan with dulce de leche and cream.
Pancake with Dulce de Leche (milk caramel).
Fruits Salad.
Pear at Malbec with vanila ice cream.
Ice Cream Cup, Americana ice cream with berries and meringue.

(Menu is seasonal and subject to change without notice)

Enjoy a wonderful Tango and Folk event in Buenos Aires.



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