Rusalka: Finnish National Opera
Rusalka, © Finnish National Opera



Rusalka is Dvorak's most popular opera thanks to its magical atmosphere and the silvery song of the water sprite. Enjoy this production at the Finnish National Opera.

Director Richard Jones' reading of Dvořak's best-known opera is rugged and human: the water-nymph Rusalka who aspires to become human learns about the dark side of humanity too. Rusalka eventually gains human form, but happiness only lasts for a moment. 

Performed in Czech, surtitles in Finnish, Swedish and English

Conductor: Tomas Hanus
Director: Richard Jones
Sets: Giles Cadle
Costumes: Nicky Gillibrand
Lighting design: Mimi Jordan Sherin
Choreography: Linda Dobell

Rusalka: Olga Romanko
Vedenhenki: Vladimir Baykov
Prinssi: Avgust Amonov / Mika Pohjonen
Tuntematon ruhtinatar: Päivi Nisula
Ježibaba: Maria Kettunen
Riistanvartija NN
Nuori apulainen: Emilia Vesalainen
Metsästäjä: Jyrki Anttila
Three Water Nymphs: Tove Åman / Hanna Rantala, Riikka Rantanen / Melis Jaatinen, Hannele Aulasvuo / Jeni Packalen


1 Comment

Luca B., Finland, April 25 2012   The pronunciation was not particularly good but some of the interpreters could definitively emphatically transmit the power of the Opera to the public. The scenography was impressive but some choreographic elements were kind of senseless.



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