I Musici Veneziani: Enchanting Opera Arias
I Musici Veneziani



The renowned Orchestra I Musici Veneziani is a collection of accomplished virtuoso musicians, many of whom graduates of the finest Venetian conservatories. Their performances are enhanced by their collaborations with well known vocal soloists from around the world.

The Orchestra I Musici Veneziani offers its famous Opera Concert  in 18th Century Venetian costumes.


Sabrina Leone - Soprano, Irene D'Errico - Mezzosoprano, Carlo De Berlingò - Tenore, Giorgio Gavioli - Baritono



22 Comment

Mark R., , October 26 2012   Couldl not be better!

Toos J., Netherlands, October 13 2012   very funny also.

miriam h., , September 25 2012   liked it very much

Marius V., Romania, August 25 2012   great voices, good instrumentation, very-very hot church - not aired properly...

VICTORIA D., United Kingdom, August 05 2012   The performance was wonderful but the church was very warm.

Christel R., Netherlands, June 12 2012   It was marvelous

Kandy G., Australia, June 02 2012   Everything went well

Natasha D., South Africa, June 02 2012   this was a breathtaking experience

EDITH M., Canada, May 31 2012   Thoroughly enjoyed the whole evening.

Urszula M., United Kingdom, May 15 2012   Truly amazing experience.

Boris v., Netherlands, April 26 2012   it was wonderful

Gail M., United States, February 25 2012   Most of the selections were slower pieces. Some more lively music would have been better.

AMANDA B., United Kingdom, February 09 2012   The music and venue were magical. Although the venue was so very cold. My only criticism was that the musicians ceased playing between each piece, waited for the singer to leave and for another to replace them, which left a void between music pieces. thought perhaps some music to fill the gaps would have bound the whole experience together.

Eiler A., Sweden, February 07 2012   Very good solists, world class!

Kevin H., United Kingdom, February 06 2012   excellent evening

Celia Y., Italy, January 30 2012   It was a great experience! However, get there early as there is no assigned seating and it's first come first serve

patrick o., United Kingdom, January 25 2012   What a delightful evening, intimate, personal, friendly and musically superb.

ZEYNEP R., Turkey, January 25 2012   Amazing concert, yet I have to remind that the inside of the church is as cold as the outside so I suggest you to dress for the temperature :) But we enjoyed it so much, the atmosphere is amazing, also since there is no microphone or speakers, you hear the music directly, which is a rare experience. Loved it!

Ib S., Denmark, December 30 2011   very good perfomance

Kerk P., United States, December 25 2011   Very enjoyable, but too short!

Carl S., United Kingdom, November 12 2011   It was our (My Wife and I) first opera. The event was well run and the theatre atmospheric. I would recommend the show.

John S., Australia, October 07 2011   The concert was extremely good and met our expectations. Good value for money.

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