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  • Association Classique à tout prix - "Orchestre Helios"
    Association Classique à tout prix — "Orchestre Helios"


巴黎, 圣日耳曼德佩教堂 (Eglise Saint‐Germain‐des‐Prés) — Main Hall

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不要错过在巴黎美丽的标志性建筑圣日耳曼教堂(Eglise Saint‐Germain des Prés)举行的维瓦尔第《四季》和其他作品的动人演出。


  • 托马索·乔瓦尼·阿尔比诺尼 – g小调柔板
  • 安东尼奥·维瓦尔第 – 四季 – The Four Seasons (excerpts)
  • 儒勒·马斯奈 – Thais – 泰伊思冥想曲
  • 约翰内斯·勃拉姆斯 – Danse Hongroise N°5
  • 爱德华·埃尔加 – Salut d’Amour
  • Vittorio Monti – Czardas
  • 弗朗茨·舒伯特 – Ave Maria
  • 约翰·塞巴斯蒂安·巴赫 – Ave Maria
  • 乔治·弗里德里希·亨德尔 – 萨拉班德


小提琴独奏:Glen Rouxel


乐团: Orchestra Hélios

Youth, ambition, eclecticism: the Helios orchestra's mission is to integrate young musicians into the world of work through orchestral practice.

As an associative orchestra, created by the will of its artistic director Paul Savalle, it allows young graduates, or those in the process of graduation, to perfect their skills with orchestra musicians and experienced conductors, under optimal working conditions.

Founded in 2014, the Hélios orchestra has gradually established itself in the French orchestral landscape. It offers a wide range of programmes, from baroque to contemporary music. Its repertoire is both symphonic and choral, thanks to the involvement of the local choirs. The orchestra attaches great importance to this network: the association of the orchestra and the departmental and regional choirs is essential in its artistic approach. The collaboration of different conductors is also an essential part of the project, which allows musicians to approach a rich and varied repertoire and broaden their range of performances.

小提琴家: Glen Rouxel


4.3 of 5

  • 01月 2023年

    I always come to Paris and attend these concerts. Both young talent and venue history, together.

  • shlomo o, Israel

    09月 2022年


  • 07月 2022年

    Very enjoyable performance.

  • Eden C, USA

    10月 2019年

    It was a beautiful evening at Saint Germaine Des Pres. So fabulous! What a magnificent place to see a performance. It will be a forever memory for my mother and I on our trip to Paris celebrating her 80th Birthday. ❤️

  • Annika M, Sweden

    09月 2019年

    Just terrific performance. Great arrangement in a wonderful place!! I wish it would have been for 4 hours!!!

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圣日耳曼德佩教堂 (Eglise Saint‐Germain‐des‐Prés), 3, place Saint‐Germain‐des‐Prés, 巴黎, 法国 — 查看谷歌地图

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