New York

The City of New York is undeniably one of the world’s most animated and vivacious. The Big Apple conjures images of towering skyscrapers and round‐the‐clock whir, of larger‐than‐life advertisements and racing taxis. New York is also home to a deep‐rooted network of polished public institutions, dazzling museums, elegant parks, and serene cathedrals. And, when it’s time to step back from the flurry of the City, step into one of New York’s stunning concert halls: Create your own oasis through music, and let this great metropolis inspire you as it did Gershwin, Dvořák, Copland, MacDowell, and Bernstein.

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  • Serie Jazz Harlem

    Serie Jazz Harlem

    New York, Chiesa Battista del Calvario Maggiore

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    1 h
    $ 25