Special offer: Maurice Ohana, Cantigas: Notre-Dame de Paris

Henri Chalet, © Photo: Jean-Baptiste Millot

There are currently no dates available for this event.

Henri Chalet and Emilie Fleury conduct the Maîtrise Notre-Dame de Paris and the Orchestre du Conservatoire de Paris for a performance of Maurice Ohana’s 'Cantigas'.

Maurice Ohana, a French composer of Spanish descent, created in the 1950’s a collection of Cantigas inspired by Spanish medieval music. The term Cantigas describes the sacred monodic songs created in the 13th century under King Alfonso X of Castile. Ohana’s 'Four Choirs for Children's Voices' are also on the program of this evening.

Special offer: For every two tickets bought, get one for free. For example, buy two tickets, pay one buy four tickets, pay only two. We will deduct the respective free tickets directly from the total purchase value. Offer available for the categories A and B only.


预订音乐会票,免去排队之苦,更好感受巴黎圣母院的魅力。因参观巴黎圣母院人数众多,游客往往要排队等待很长时间。 预订音乐会门票,您可以近距离在安静的环境内,体验这座教堂的独特之美。

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