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罗马, St. Andrew's Church of Scotland

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国际知名的音乐家表演歌剧的最爱,如威尔第的《里戈莱托》中的《La donna è mobile》和普契尼的《托斯卡》中的《Vissi d'arte》。此外,还有深受喜爱的那不勒斯歌曲和钢琴经典曲目,如肖邦的 "英雄 "波罗乃兹。






-音乐会位于离Quirinale宫和著名的Via delle Quattro Fontane仅几米远的地方,景色令人惊叹。

在Via Venti Settembre 7的苏格兰圣安德鲁教堂温暖而私密的大厅里,你将离音乐家只有几步之遥,感觉就像在一场私人音乐会上。




女高音: Gibilisco, Federica
女高音: Cucca, Monica
男高音: Fantini, Alessandro
钢琴家: Velluti, Giovanni


4.9 of 5

  • Agnieszka H, Poland

    11月 2019年

    Thank you very much, it was the great evening!

  • Michael S, United Kingdom

    10月 2019年

    Superb quality of performance from talented and experienced musicians. Friendly atmosphere with wine and nibbles. Performers really went out of their way to please the audience. Excellent selection of Opera arias.

  • Seppo K, Finland

    05月 2019年

    The program consisted beatyful arias and piano piecies. Very enjoyable. The artists vere charming.

  • Kimberleigh B, United Kingdom

    05月 2019年

    An amazing evening with wonderfully talented people.

  • Natalie C, Australia

    05月 2019年

    Great show that provided a taste of Italian Opera. Highly recommended

  • Lynn M, United Kingdom

    03月 2019年

    Excellent performance, would have liked a venue with a little more atmosphere.

  • Olga N, Israel

    03月 2019年

    Beautiful performance! We enjoyed !

  • irem E, Turkey

    03月 2019年


  • Karen S, USA

    03月 2019年

    Bravo. Beautiful concert.

  • Sami R, Spain

    11月 2018年

    Wonderful, emotional, outstanding and we shall always cherish the memory. Amal & Sami RAIS

  • Xin Z, United Kingdom

    10月 2018年

    Couldn't be better! It's definitely beyond our expectations. Small venue, limited audiences, but top level performances. It's one of the best experiences in our roman trip!

  • Nancy S, Italy

    10月 2018年

    This was a highlight of being in Rome and that of course, says a lot. The pianist, tenor and soprano were excellent. I highly recommend this performance and I hope we can attend when we are here next year.

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St. Andrew's Church of Scotland, Via Venti Settembre 7, 罗马, 意大利 — 查看谷歌地图

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