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西班牙弗拉门戈吉他演奏会:Pedro Javier González

巴塞罗那, 松之圣母玛利亚教堂 (Basilica Santa Maria del Pi) — Main Hall

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Pedro Javier González是巴塞罗那著名音乐家,他弹奏技巧卓越,不断创新。他的演奏被誉为是古典与现代元素的最佳结合。他曾经多次获得西班牙国内外吉他表演大奖并曾同多位艺术家一起合作,如Toti Soler, Joan Manuel Serrat, Angelo Branduardi, Victoria de los Angeles, Maria del Mar Bonet, Alejandro Sanz, 和 Manolo García。



独奏家: González, Pedro Javier

Musician from Barcelona, who possesses a particular guitar language; he is capable of performing flamenco in its pure essence to the modern day fusion style.

Arranger, composer, performer and producer, with time he has improved the range of his artistic will to shape his solo career. After receiving several awards in the flamenco guitar genre, he embarked to the musical panorama accompanying great performers like; Toti Soler, Joan Manuel Serrat, Ángelo Branduardi, Victoria de los Ángeles, El ultimo de la fila and Manolo García, among many others.

His quality as a guitarist is highlighted in historical pop recordings from the 80s‐90s. García, Serrat and at the present, the group D’Callaos, have known the good works created by Pedro as arranger, producer and musical director. He has published six records and a DVD from a live performance at the Olympic Theatre in the Italian city of Vicenza. The latest one, “Verdades ocultas y medias mentiras”, launched in the spring of 2007 is a collection of original themes and a version of “The legend of time”, in which is, surrounded by guests as Olvido Lanza, Roger Blavia, Joan Albert Amargós, Toni Terré, Ricardo Marín, Domingo Patricio and Manuel del Fresno.          

Today he completes his repertoire as Flamenco guitar soloist with other authors, self‐ composed and popular works.



4.9 of 5

  • Kira P, Россия

    03月 2019年

    Это был великолепный концерт.Педро Гонсалес мастер своего дела,виртуоз. Его гитара поет плачет,смеется.Я давно не получала такого удовольствия от музыки . Спасибо !!!!!

  • Amnon T, Israel

    03月 2019年

    Excellent guitar playing. Thoroughly enjoyed it.

  • Mario D, Italy

    02月 2019年

    Great performance, in a beautiful environment.

  • Viktor K, Россия

    12月 2018年

    Это было необычно и незабываемо??

  • Shlomit L, Israel

    10月 2018年

    The concert was FANTASTIC.

  • Sharon K., Canada

    06月 2012年


  • José O., Brazil

    12月 2011年

    Very beatifull.

  • Tanja F., United Kingdom

    10月 2011年


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松之圣母玛利亚教堂 (Basilica Santa Maria del Pi), Plaza del Pi n. 7, 巴塞罗那, 西班牙 — 查看谷歌地图

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