Musica a Palazzo: La Traviata

Musica a Palazzo: 茶花女

威尼斯, 米诺托-巴尔巴里戈宫 (Palazzo Barbarigo‐Minotto) — Tiepolo/Alcova

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  • 朱塞佩·威尔第 – 茶花女


4.9 of 5

  • Brian

    10月 2019年

    A wonderful and unique evening..! Great singers and musicians performing in a historic Palazzo with candle light and champagne. What could be better for a night out in Venice..!

  • Joanne

    10月 2019年

    This opera was exceptional!!! We highly recommend it! I loved the way it was in three different rooms. The musicians were excellent as well. The best part of our trip to Venice hands down!

  • Patricia

    10月 2019年

    An unusual way to present La Traviata it was very well adapted to suit the uniqueness of the venue. I felt I was part of the production rather than an onlooker. It was a powerful performance which I enjoyed immensely.

  • Simone

    09月 2019年

    Amazing place, amazing performance and amazing musicians!! A great experinece!!!

  • David

    06月 2019年

    The cast, the musicians all a 10!

  • Martha

    05月 2019年

    Attending this performance of La Traviata was like being on stage inside the opera. The performances of the chamber musicians and the three lead singers were superb, and the experience unforgettable.


    05月 2019年

    A very nice atmosphere in a beautiful place. Singers and musicians are very good performers. A very pleasant moment very original compared to classic opera in big rooms

  • Tina

    05月 2019年

    Outstandibg performence ❤️

  • Agata

    05月 2019年

    Beautiful experience.. Will highly recommend to anyone looking for a unique experience in Venice.

  • Peter

    05月 2019年

    Fabulous night, wonderful talented artists. The whole thing was flawless. Thank you.

  • Stephen

    02月 2019年

    Fabulous time‐ so thrilled we saw it and quality of performance was outstanding

  • Josh

    02月 2019年



    01月 2019年

    Beautiful scenery of the palace but the performance and arrangement of the performance is average. Such antique interior should fulfill the performance of more high standards.


米诺托-巴尔巴里戈宫 (Palazzo Barbarigo‐Minotto), Fondamenta Duodo O Barbarigo, 威尼斯, 意大利 — 查看谷歌地图


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