Mozart: Requiem at Monumental Complex Donnaregina

Naples, Complesso Monumentale Donnaregina — Chiesa di Santa Maria Donnaregina

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Experience classical music like never before in this astonishing performance of masterworks by Mozart at Naples's remarkable Complesso Monumentale Donnaregina — Chiesa di Santa Maria Donnaregina.

Perhaps the most important composer of all time, Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart was an Austrian composer of the late 18th century. Born in 1756 in Salzburg, he showed prodigious musical talent from childhood. Beginning at five years of age, he composed more than 600 works, including concertos, symphonies, religious works and operas before his premature death at the age of 35. Hi influence over successive generations cannot be overestated — Ludwig van Beethoven wrote of Mozart 'posterity will not see such a talent again in 100 years”. Despite the immense success of his compositions, and the acclaim he received across Europe, Mozart achieved little financial security and rwas buried in an unmarked grave in Vienna's St Marx Cemetery.


  • 沃尔夫冈·阿玛多伊斯·莫扎特 – Ave Verum Corpus K 618 in Re maggiore
  • 沃尔夫冈·阿玛多伊斯·莫扎特 – D小调安魂曲, K. 626


指挥: Dionisi, Pier Giorgio
男中音: Martini, Donato
男高音: Crescenzo, Salvatore De
女高音: Memoli, Elena
次女高音: Rago, Michela
合唱团: Coro Città di Napoli
乐团: Orchestra da Camera Città di Napoli


Complesso Monumentale Donnaregina, Largo Donnaregina, 1, Naples, 意大利 — 查看谷歌地图

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