Iván Fischer, © Photo: Marco Borggreve

Mahler: Budapest Festival Orchestra & Ivan Fischer

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Be part of the excitement as the great Ivan Fischer, one of Hungary's most important musical ambassadors, conducts the impressive Budapest Festival Orchestra in Mahler's magnificent Fifth Symphony and his Kindertotenlieder.

In 1901 following a serious illness, Gustav Mahler began to compose music with surprising speed. Despite his desires to create and to live, the majority of the pieces he composed in this period, including the two works on the programme this evening, explore the topic of death.

20-02-2020 – 20-02-2021
  • 意大利歌剧情歌二重唱


    佛罗伦萨, 圣马可英教堂 (St Mark's English Church)

    + 更多日期选择
    € 2,00
  • 布达佩斯游船,匈牙利风味晚餐,现场音乐


    布达佩斯, 多瑙皇宫 (The Danube Palace)

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    € 4,00
  • 维也纳美泉宫:晚间音乐会


    维也纳, 美泉宫橘圆殿 (Orangerie Schönbrunn)

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    € 50,00
  • Dinner and Flamenco Show at El Cid, Los Angeles

    Dinner and Flamenco Show at El Cid, Los Angeles

    Los Angeles, El Cid

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  • 巴塞罗那吉他三人组:弗拉门戈吉他


    巴塞罗那, 松之圣母玛利亚教堂 (Basilica Santa Maria del Pi)

    + 更多日期选择
    € 26,00
  • Casa del Arte Flamenco: 格拉纳达弗拉门戈表演秀

    Casa del Arte Flamenco: 格拉纳达弗拉门戈表演秀

    格拉纳达, Casa del Arte Flamenco

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    € 20,00
  • 肖邦音乐厅:肖邦音乐会


    克拉科夫, 肖邦画廊 (Chopin Gallery)

    + 更多日期选择
    € 20,00
  • 慕尼黑皇宫乐团音乐会


    慕尼黑, 慕尼黑皇宫 (Münchner Residenz)

    + 更多日期选择
    € 36,00
  • 美泉宫体验:音乐会和参观皇宫套票


    维也纳, 美泉宫橘圆殿 (Orangerie Schönbrunn)

    + 更多日期选择
    € 70,00
  • 莫扎特音乐晚宴


    萨尔斯堡, Stiftskeller St. Peter

    + 更多日期选择
    € 51,00