Lucile Richardot © Igor Studio

Lucile Richardot: Anne de La Barre’s Travel to the North

Immerse yourself in the stunning architecture of Versailles's breathtaking Versailles Palace for the ultimate concert set to awake your understanding of classical music.

Marvel at the lavish grandeur of the Palace of Versailles, a huge Baroque complex comprising a former royal residence, incredible gardens, spectacular fountains, and the Museum of the History of France. The complex stretches over 787 hectares and is a major UNESCO World Heritage Site. Restoration began in 1892, and although interrupted by both World Wars, among other cataclysmic events, continues today.
Visitors should devote a whole day to Versailles, with its abundance of attractions. Deservedly, the most famous room is the Hall of Mirrors — a 70 metre gallery decorated with 17 huge mirrors that reflect the opposite windows and their garden views. However, the Royal Opera of Versailles is another of the Palace's gems. Its' wooden interior painted to look like marble means that the opera house boasts superb acoustics, as well as the finest décor.
Treat yourself to the best of classical music amidst the opulence of this world‐famous palace!

  • Italian Opera Taormina

    Italian Opera Taormina

    陶尔米纳, Teatro San Giorgio


    € 18,00
  • 圣克莱门特教堂:维瓦尔第四季音乐会


    布拉格, 圣克莱门特大教堂 (Kathedrale von St. Clement)


    € 25,00
  • The Four Seasons & More at St. Salvator Church in the Clementinum

    The Four Seasons & More at St. Salvator Church in the Clementinum

    布拉格, 查理大桥 (St. Salvator Church)


    1 h 5 min
    € 26,00
  • Black Light Theater: Aspects of Alice

    Black Light Theater: Aspects of Alice

    布拉格, Ta Fantastika


    € 30,00