• Concerts at St. Ephrem Church in Paris

St. Ephrem 教堂:肖邦钢琴演奏会

巴黎, 东方亚述教堂 (Eglise Saint‐Ephrem) — Main Hall

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Eglise Saint Ephrem教堂位于巴黎的历史中心。因其极佳的音响效果,至今仍是众多乐团的首选的演奏场馆之一。

教堂音乐会是巴黎人生活中不可缺少的一部分。无论是结婚庆祝或是新生儿接受洗礼,美丽神圣的音乐总是形影不离。您是否不能在教堂举办公主式的婚礼而感到遗憾? 您是否从未走进过教堂,体验教堂文化? 您是否向往像法国人生活一天,了解神秘的异域文化? 那么请您走进巴黎著名的St. Ephrem教堂吧!





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  • 弗里德里克·肖邦 – Selected works for piano


钢琴家: di Tanna, Elio



4.9 of 5

  • Marian S, Australia

    03月 2020年

    Exceptional interpretation of Chopin. We loved it. The location and acoustics were perfect

  • georgia k, Australia

    02月 2020年

    Pascal Mantin played some of my favourite Chopin works beautifully. The experience was enhanced by the ambience of Église St Ephrem by candlelight.

  • Jean Yves C, United Kingdom

    12月 2019年

    It was a wonderful performance, very atmospheric and of the highest quality.

  • emilio a, Italy

    12月 2019年

    This was one of the most passionate and intense concerts i ever saw. The pianist , Elio Di Tanna plays marvellously several Chopin pieces and the audience applauded him for long 10 minutes. This artist merits to perform also in the most famous music temples around the world. He is talented .Bravo ! Emilio Antonini Trieste Italy

  • Johanna S, Iceland

    12月 2019年

    Had a great evening at this event. Great experience, highly recommend

  • Andrea M, USA

    11月 2019年

    Absolutely thrilling! Artist AMAZING! He might have been provided a better piano!

  • Jacques B, France

    06月 2019年

    Excellente interprétation, site intimiste

  • Petra M, Deutschland

    05月 2019年

    Wonderful event in a marvellous location

  • Susan V, USA

    05月 2019年

    Superb pianist, and Saint Ephrem's is a lovely concert setting. A truly memorable evening.

  • Thomas D, Spain

    02月 2019年

    Really excellent performance by Pascal Mantin. Was in Paris for a week and this was one of the top things I'll remember. Just beautiful.

  • Claire G, France

    01月 2019年

    Un moment magnifique ! Le lieu, l'accueil, l'artiste Tout était vraiment génial

  • Nigel S, United Kingdom

    01月 2019年

    A lovely evening with a brilliant pianist. We loved it!


    01月 2019年

    The pianist was great!

  • Debra M, USA

    12月 2018年

    This was a wonderful experience. The setting and the playing were both magical! An affordable night out in Paris. I purchased the tickets online in the United States and they were accepted with no issue at the door.

  • Semeon M, USA

    12月 2018年

    Mon Dieu! This event trumps any concert I've ever been to. Being able to listen to Chopin in a intimate salon‐like environment was easily the best part of my trip to France. Thank you!

  • Matthew F, USA

    12月 2018年

    Such a beautiful venue and magnificent skills by the pianist. Loved every second.

  • Mary T, USA

    12月 2018年

    Elio is an extraordinary talent . The 3 of us in our party are hoping he will do a concert in Minnesota some time.

  • Maryellen D, USA

    12月 2018年

    Fabulous performance! The atmosphere of the church with candles enhanced the marvelous experience. Will definitely recommend to friends.

  • Anne G, USA

    12月 2018年

    Music was beautiful. Setting was divine.

  • Volker S, Frankreich

    10月 2018年

    Das Konzert war das Geld allemal wert: Ein hervorragender Pianist mit einem guten Programm in einem (nach Abschalten der elektrischen Beleuchtung) angenehmen Ambiente und in einer Kapelle mit passender Größe und wirklich guter Akustik. Die Organisation einschl. der Abwicklung der Bezahlung und der Zusendung der Online‐Tickets war problemlos.

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东方亚述教堂 (Eglise Saint‐Ephrem), 17, rue des Carmes, 巴黎, 法国 — 查看谷歌地图

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