Dubrovnik Summer Festival 2019: R. Marinković's Under the Balconies

There are currently no dates available for this event.

One of the thematic and research guidelines for the Dubrovnik Summer Festival's theatre programme will be the questioning of culturological determinants of the Mediterranean.
In this regard, it seems wise to start with Ranko Marinković, the bard of the Mediterranean and Voltaire of the Island of Vis. Croatia's major writer in the second half of the 20th century, he had both intimate and family connections with Dubrovnik. Owing to his plays and many years of teaching at the Zagreb Academy of Dramatic Art, his influence on the Croatian theatre is immense. However, only one of Marinković's works has been staged at the Dubrovnik Summer Festival – Glorija, directed by Georgij Paro. Time has come to correct this omission, and bring to Dubrovnik the bard's colourful characters - clowns, local eccentrics and recluses.
The play will be directed by Dario Harjaček, who staged the play Kate Kapuralica at the Dubrovnik Summer Festival several years ago. Starring the brilliant Jelena Miholjević in the title role, the play discloses the Mediterranean myths, but also draws attention to Marinković's teachings: regardless of how much we hide cultural symbols, humanity's lowest common denominator will always be the human waste.

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