• (c) Prague Classics Berlin Orchestra — Prague Classics s.r.o.
  • (c) Prague Classics Berlin Orchestra — Prague Classics s.r.o.
  • Kaiser‐Wilhelm Memorial Church, Berlin

Classic Spectacular, The Berlin Orchestra: Kaiser‐Wilhelm Memorial Church

柏林, 威廉皇帝纪念教堂 (Kaiser‐Wilhelm‐Gedächtniskirche) — Main Hall

最佳座位分配  1 h 10 min  即时电子机票 作为灵活的礼品赠送




Spend an evening with the greatest masterpieces of 300 years of classical music in Europe presented by the Berlin Orchestra in the stunning Kaiser‐Wilhelm Memorial Church.


  • 约翰·塞巴斯蒂安·巴赫 – d小调托卡塔与赋格, BWV 565
  • 约翰·塞巴斯蒂安·巴赫 – G弦上的空气
  • 路德维希·凡·贝多芬 – Symphony No. 5 — Allegro
  • 夏尔-玛丽·维多尔 – 托卡塔,第五交响曲
  • 安东尼奥·维瓦尔第 – The Four Seasons Spring + Summer
  • 沃尔夫冈·阿玛多伊斯·莫扎特 – D小调安魂曲, K. 626 – 安魂曲: 落泪之日
  • 弗朗茨·舒伯特 – Ave Maria
  • 乔治·弗里德里希·亨德尔 – Xerxes – Largo
  • Mozart, Franz Xaver – Salzburg Symphony K136 Allegro


乐团: The Berlin Orchestra


4.5 of 5

  • Micha G, Deutschland

    01月 2020年

    Das Konzert hat uns sehr gut gefallen. Das Programm war für diesen Ort und diesen Zeitpunkt passend zusammengestellt. Vor allem aber waren wir begeistert von der sichtbaren Freude des jungen Ensemles an ihrer musikalischen Darstellung. Vielen Dank dafür. Micha Guttmann

  • Johannes J, Deutschland

    01月 2020年

    Schönes Konzert, gute Solisten, schöne Auswahl an Musikstücke.

  • tammy a, Israel

    09月 2019年


  • Alejandro V, Namibia

    09月 2019年

    Un concierto espectacular ! Piel de gallina todo el tiempo

  • David & Jenny S, United Kingdom

    08月 2019年

    It was wonderful. Thanks for this.

  • Philip S, USA

    08月 2019年

    This was an excellent performance in a very nice venue. The selections were appropriate and well paced. The young orchestra was very enthusiastic and highly skilled. They seemed to feed off of the audience’s excitement. They truly seemed to enjoy what they were doing. I think this company serves a great service to travelers who like to experience classical music in the cities where they are traveling. There was a very big crowd at the performance in Berlin today.

  • Marilyn B, Australia

    07月 2019年

    Excellent performance and venue

  • Ken'ichiro T, 日本

    07月 2019年


  • Noreen L, United States Outlying Islands

    07月 2019年

    One of the most memorable performances I have attended.

  • Omar K, Dominica

    07月 2019年

    Great conductors and impressive playing. The place was a bit warm but apart of that the experience was amazing.

  • Carlos V, Uruguay

    07月 2019年

    Excelente nivel. Fue maravilloso. Excelentes músicos.

  • Daniel C, Argentina

    07月 2019年

    El espectáculo fue excelente y la organización atenta y correcta Sin inconvenientes

  • arnold b, USA

    05月 2019年

    Fast service and quick response to a question. Tickets were waiting at venue for me. Ordered online from USA for Berlin concert. Very reliable service

  • PATRICIA Z, Perú

    05月 2019年

    Excelentes músicos Un repertorio muy variado y presentado con mucho cuidado y detalle. Me encantó Súper recomendado

  • Menashe N, Israel

    05月 2019年

    Wonderful players, great orchestra. We both me and my wife had agreat time

  • Thomas D, Canada

    05月 2019年

    An absolutely beautiful evening. I was moved, not just by their musicianship but by their youthfulness. A stunning performance. Thank you for a wonderful evening.

  • Katja K, Deutschland

    12月 2018年

    Einfach Spitze. Wir waren begeistert.

  • Ihle P, Schweiz

    12月 2018年

    Sehr schönes Konzert mit guten jungen Musikern. Schade nur, dass es so hell blieb.

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