Mandelring Quartett


Winning a number of prestigious competitions – Munich (ARD), Evian and Reggio Emilia (Premio Paolo Borciani) – has sped the Mandelring Quartet on their way to the world’s great concert halls. The latest prize in their collection, the Kunstpreis des Landes Rheinland‐Pfalz, was awarded in Autumn 2001.

Alongside regular engagements in Germany, the quartet give concert tours to many of the major European concert centres, amongst them: Amsterdam, Brussels, Copenhagen, London, Madrid, Milan, Paris and Vienna. The world’s metropolises such as New York, Vancouver and Sao Paulo, can be found in the quartet’s concert diary along with some rather more unusual destinations: Algiers, Beirut, Damascus, P'yongyang and Ramallah. They have been invited to festivals such as Lockenhaus, Montpellier, Montreal, the Rheingau Festival, the Schleswig‐Holstein Music Festival and the Salzburg Festival.


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