The Tsar's Bride by Rimsky–Korsakov

Nikolai Rimsky‐Korsakov’s opera 'The Tsar's Bride' will be performed at the Estonian National Opera.

Rimsky–Korsakov wrote fifteen operas, of which 'The Tsar’s Bride' is the most notable. The composer wrote the opera on the example of Italian opera, with a focus on voice as well as on the main characters’ arias, ensembles, and choruses. All of Rimski‐Korsakov’s operas belong to the repertoires of Russian opera theatres, but The Tsar’s Bride is one of the few operas that has gained a high position among Western European opera theatres as well.

The plot of The Tsar’s Bride takes place during the reign of Ivan the Terrible. Grigory Gryaznoy, tsar’s bodyguard, is in love with merchant Sobakin’s beautiful daughter Marfa, who is actually the bride of Ivan Lïkov. Lyubasha, Gryaznoy’s lover, poisons Marfa as her rival. The tsar also has feelings for Marfa and wants to marry her. When it comes out that Marfa has been poisoned, Gryaznoy makes sure that Ivan Lïkov gets all the blame. As a result, Gryaznoy kills Lïkov at the request of the tsar.


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