Hungarian Folk Ensemble


布达佩斯, 多瑙皇宫 (The Danube Palace) — Main Hall

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匈牙利Hungarian Folk Ensemble歌舞乐团独具特色的匈牙利民俗表演,将带给您一个不同凡响的多瑙浪漫之夜。民俗舞及音乐秀表演后,您将被引导登上游船,享用美食,游览多瑙风光。

在游船上您将享受到烛光自助晚餐及西洋音乐。游船游行1, 5 小时并配有空调。音乐会结束后,工作人员会指引您登上游船。

- 私人接送服务(具体信息请见预订后通知)
- 英文讲解参观服务
- 一张照片纪念
- 一份匈牙利小礼物
- 一杯起泡酒



5.0 of 5

  • RAFE

    11月 2018年

    As individual parts both the dance and the dinner cruise were good. The performance itself was super. My 3 kids absolutely adored it! The dinner and cruise was also good. There were two trips that were pushed together on the same boat which meant that we didn't have access to the upper deck which did limit the views somewhat. Although we had a pleasant evening there a definitely a few negatives. The guide that was sent to collect us was a very nice girl but I feel needs more experience. Somebody a little older perhaps who can add some historical detail and animation would have been more suitable. The building itself and the theatre inside are badly in need of a facelift and certainly our initial impressions were more than a little worrying. The staff in the theatre seemed quite disorganised also. Again, although the individual components were good the VIP package is definitely not value for money especially if you have children. There is no option on the site for child tickets so all in our party of 5 were obliged to pay the full adult price. We have two children of 8 and 5 and especially for them this is vastly overpriced.


多瑙皇宫 (The Danube Palace), Zrínyi utca 5., 布达佩斯, 匈牙利 — 查看谷歌地图


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