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Ordering Tickets

How secure is my order at Classictic?

Where will I be seated for the performance?

Where do I find reduced prices for children, students, seniors, or groups?


Do I have to pay with a credit card, or can I use another payment method?

At what point in the booking process will my bank account or credit card be charged?

What is a 3D secure code? Can I make a credit or debit card booking without it?

Does Classictic charge extra fees at checkout?

In case of refund, how can I check that my refund request was correctly processed?

Ticket Delivery Options

How and when do I receive my tickets?

What can I do if I didn't receive my e-Ticket?

Your Classictic e-Ticket

Do I have to print the e-Ticket or can I save it on my Smartphone?

I lost my printed e-Ticket. / I lost the confirmation e-mail with my e-Ticket. What do I do?

Can I resell my e-Ticket?

Can I change the name of the Ticket Holder on the e-Ticket? 

Cancellations and Change Requests

Can I cancel or change my order?

What happens if the event is cancelled after I book my tickets?

Your Classictic Gift Certificate

Is my Classictic Gift Certificate refundable or transferable?

How long is my Gift Certificate valid?

Your MyClassictic Account

How do I access the MyClassictic Account and how does it work?