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Concerto à luz das velas na Igreja de Santo Efrém: Chopin, Schubert, Fauré, Schumann

Paris, Eglise Saint‐Ephrem — Main Hall

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Junte‐se a nós para uma noite inesquecível de clássicos do piano, convidando‐o a conhecer a deslumbrante Eglise Saint‐Ephrem em Paris. Prepare‐se para ficar hipnotizado ao ouvir as composições intemporais de mestres de renome, incluindo Franz Schubert, Frederic Chopin, Gabriel Fauré e Robert Schumann. Deixe que as melodias cativantes do piano, habilmente executadas por Orane Donnadieu, o transportem para um mundo de graça e beleza. Não perca esta oportunidade extraordinária de testemunhar o poder da música num dos locais mais impressionantes de Paris.


  • Frederic Chopin – Ballade n°3
  • Franz Schubert – Moments musicaux
  • Robert Schumann – Papillons
  • Gabriel Fauré – Ballade
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Piano: Orane Donnadieu

Eglise Saint-Ephrem

Located in a secluded corner of Paris’ historical fifth arrondissement, also known as the Latin Quarter, this small, quaint church is truly a hidden gem. Constructed in 1733 in true Corinthian style, the church was used by different religious orders until the late 19th century, when it became a centre for the Catholic social movements founded by Robert and Albert de Mun. The interior is classically embellished with an impressive collection of paintings. Church Saint-Ephrem is a popular venue for classical music concerts, as its cosy, intimate atmosphere and great acoustics attract both locals and tourists.

Franz Schubert

During his rather short life, Franz Schubert, one of the fathers of romanticism in music, had always been an unappreciated genius who had never received public acclaim. Only his family and friends were delighted by his music, and most of his works were discovered and published only many years after his death. Franz Schubert was born on the 31th of March 1797 in the suburbs of Vienna. His father and eldest brother were amateur musicians and they taught him to play piano and violin. At the age of 11 Schubert was a singer in a choir at the Lichtenthal parish and later auditioned for Antonio Salieri and admitted to the emperor’s choir. During that period young Franz started composing his own works. However, after his voice broke he had to leave the choir and in 1814 he started working as a teacher in the same parish school as his father. He never stopped composing and 4 years later he decided to quit teaching and devote his life completely to music. He fell out with his father because of that and struggled to make ends meet. In 1818 Schubert went to Vienna, where he met Vogl. Together they gave private concerts in small aristocratic circles, mainly playing Lieder, which Schubert wrote around 600. Franz Schubert gave only one big public concert in his whole life in March 1828, which was very warmly received by the audience. However, his health was deteriorating and in November the same year he died of thyroid fever at the age of 31.

Frederic Chopin

Frederic Chopin was a Polish composer and pianist of the Romantic area (early 19th century). He wrote primarily piano solos but also piano concerts, chamber pieces and songs set to Polish lyrics. He is well-known as a poetic genius without competition of his generation. In fact, he created the concept of instrumental ballade and his performances were noted for their sensitivity and fine distinction. He spent most of his life in Paris, where he performed for the intimate atmospheres of salons. For most of his life, he suffered poor health. As a result, he died quite young at the age of 39, probably of tuberculosis.

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Eglise Saint‐Ephrem, 17, rue des Carmes, Paris, France — Veja no Google Maps

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