The Gentleman Magician at Sir Stamford Circular Quay Hotel

シドニー, Sir Stamford Circular Quay Hotel

最高の座席割り当て 1 h 10 min 瞬時にeチケット


$ 82


Every weekend, Bruce Glen, The Gentleman Magician enchants and amazes audiences at his Magical Soirées at Sir Stamford at Circular Quay — one of Australia’s most beautiful heritage‐listed buildings!
Bruce Glen is one of the select few admitted as an Associate of the Inner Magic Circle — the most exclusive magic club on earth with just 1400 members worldwide.
This is a must see event that you simply cannot miss! You will be greeted with delicious champagne and gourmet canapés before the beginning of the show. And then, you will experience performances, reminiscent of captivating magic events of the famous ‘salons’ in 19th century Europe.


Sir Stamford Circular Quay Hotel, 93 Macquarie Street, シドニー, オーストラリア — Googleマップ


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