Dinner & Classical Concert in Venice: Concert for Cello, Strings and Harpsichord

ヴェネツィア, サン・ヴィダル教会 (Chiesa di San Vidal) — Main Hall

最高の座席割り当て 4 h 瞬時にeチケット


$ 159


After an enjoyable dinner in one of the most famous and best restaurants of Venice, head towards a wonderful church to attend to a once in a life time concert. Immerse yourself in the stunning architecture of Venice's breathtaking Chiesa di San Vidal for the ultimate concert set to awake your understanding of classical music.
The church of San Vidal is certainly a must‐ stop to be included in your itinerary. In this place full of history and culture a concert season has been taking place for 30 years.

7pm Dinner
Directly at the restaurant “VinoVino” at 7.00pm, Ponte delle Veste, S. Marco, 2007.
8.30pm Concert
Directly at the Church of San Vidal in Campiello S. Vidal, 30124 San Marco .

Please be aware that you can book two different dinner options, option A and B.

Option A Includes:
Two courses A la carte menu, drinks included (1/3 wine, mineral water, coffee per person)

Option B Includes:
Three courses A la carte menu, drinks included (1/3 wine, mineral water, coffee per person)


Hors d’oeuvre
Italian cold cuts
Fresh tomato with “mozzarella” and fresh basil
Double fish hors d’oeuvre (fried and marinated sardines with onions and marinated salmon)
Octopus salad

First course
Ricotta cheese & spinach ravioli with butter and sage sauce
Risotto with seafood
Lasagne “Bolognese” style

Second course
Filet of seabass with pink pepper and dill sauce and seasonal vegetables
Steak with peas
Cuttle fish with polenta
Grilled vegetables and “Dobbiaco” cheese

Homemade ice cream
Panna cotta


サン・ヴィダル教会 (Chiesa di San Vidal), San Marco, 2862/B, ヴェネツィア, イタリア — Googleマップ



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