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Saint Ephrem Church: バッハの無伴奏チェロ組曲

パリ, サン・エフレム教会 (Eglise Saint‐Ephrem) — Main Hall

自由席  瞬時にeチケット 柔軟性のあるギフトとして贈る




バッハの無伴奏チェロ組曲をパリのSt. Ephrem 教会でお楽しみください。




  • ヨハン・ゼバスティアン・バッハ – 無伴奏チェロ組曲 BWV 1007‐1012 (全6曲)


チェロ: Boudris, Yanis


4.6 の 5

  • 09月 2022年

    Great venue. Very talented young cellist.

  • 07月 2022年

    Excellent concert! The young musician was a consummate talent and had a varied program that was most enjoyable! The church was beautiful and the acoustics were great! I also appreciated the cushions on the seats!!

  • Michael M, Belgium

    07月 2019年

    Beautifully played, resonant sound. Here is a marvelous cellist!

  • Mark L, Belgium

    07月 2019年

    Intimate performance, the church’s size limits is an advantage. Acoustic is good.

  • Qiushi G, 法国

    07月 2019年

    Amazing ! Excellent player!

  • Anamaria A, Brazil

    07月 2019年

    Too expensive. Excelent. House 1/5 full.

  • Jan P, New Zealand

    05月 2019年

    A perfect evening of sublime music, a beautiful church, lilies…we have booked for as many concerts as we can while in Paris

  • Trevor Henry K, Australia

    04月 2019年

    Absolutely brillliant

  • Jennifer D, USA

    03月 2019年

    Absolutely amazing concert in every way.

  • Jean Baptiste L, France

    02月 2019年

    The performance was breathtaking. Timothée was astounding, the acoustics and the candlelight inside the church made the music that much more enchanting‐ I could feel the cello from the top of my head to the tips of my toes. It was an electric experience.

  • José Eduardo C, Brazil

    02月 2019年

    I made use of Classictc several times. It's always been okay. And this time it was no different. The attraction was of excellent standard, a great concert. The Church of Saint Ephraim is a great place for concerts. Just submit the reservation and everything is forwarded easily.

  • Derek M, USA

    12月 2018年

    Great acoustics and outstanding performance. Played three of the six cello suites, which was OK with my wife as she tends to nod off after an hour or so of live classical music :) Look forward to seeing another concert here!

  • Didier P, France

    12月 2018年

    Réservation simple et rapide sur le site de classictic pour un très beau concert . Très belle acoustique à St Ephrem

  • Paul M, Canada

    11月 2018年

    Très très beau concert à l’église Saint‐Ephrem, d’une grande simplicité. Trois suites de Bach pour violoncelle, magnifiquement exécutées. Un soliste généreux et très doué. On a même eu droit à un rappel!

  • Francisco A.,

    10月 2012年

    Great Concert and great venue.

  • Darren F., United Kingdom

    07月 2012年

    Nice venue, I like my concerts to be intimate and enjoyed hearing "raw" music

  • Sondra P., United States

    05月 2012年


  • yumiko c., Japan

    02月 2012年


  • Cristina F., Italy

    12月 2011年

    esecutore bravissimo, programma un po' noioso

  • Karen C., Singapore

    12月 2011年

    Acoustics and quality of music was good

  • William F., United States

    11月 2011年

    beautiful, stark setting with excellent acoustics

  • Holger S., Germany

    10月 2011年

    very private athmosphaere

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