Interpreti Veneziani

ヴェネツィア室内合奏団: ヴェネツィアのバイオリン

ヴェネツィア, サン・ヴィダル教会 (Chiesa di San Vidal) — Main Hall

自由席 1 h 30 min 瞬時にeチケット 3年間有効のクーポン券として払い戻し可能




ヴェネツィア室内合奏団(Interpreti Veneziani)が、ヴェネツィアの華麗な昔の施設でクラシック音楽を提供します。

若い弦楽合奏団 Interpreti Venezianiは、1987年にデビューしました。アンサンブルはそれ以来、「Violini a Venezia」コンサートシリーズで世界各地から集まる年間6万人以上の訪問者のために演奏しています。


Open every day from 9.30 am to 7.30 pm.
Free entrance.
We suggest you to visit the museum before the concert.


  • アントニオ・ヴィヴァルディ – Selected Works for Violin and Harpsichord




5.0 の 5

  • Ian

    10月 2019年

    A vibrant and musically fine performance. The ensemble was excellent with the group responding and moving as one. The soloists were very fine players but virtuosity never took over from musicality. Clearly informed baroque performance practice. We have seen the group several times and it is always a joy.

  • Iveta

    10月 2019年

    Great performance i enjoyed it very much. We have seen it last year and wanted to see it again

  • Leena

    09月 2019年

    Excellent tight ensemble! Excellent bass and cello! Very good soloists, encore soloists superb! @

  • Frederic

    09月 2019年

    Amazing !

  • Judith

    09月 2019年

    Truly wonderful! Made our last night in Venice very special!

  • Richard

    09月 2019年


  • Thelma

    07月 2019年

    Music and Venue great, but the temperature was very hot with little air circulation

  • Paul

    07月 2019年

    Maybe one piece of Bach

  • Lina

    06月 2019年

    Every interpretation was marvellous, we really enjoyed it. The passion that the group plays with is amazing

  • Sharon

    05月 2019年

    Wonderful recitals, the musicians were passionate about their playing and the venue was great.

  • Jaesung

    04月 2019年

    very amazing performance!!

  • Tony

    03月 2019年

    Thoroughly enjoyed the evening the music was wonderful played by very talented musicians.

  • Michael

    12月 2018年

    This is a stunning display of the exceptional skills of masters of the violin and the final Carmen Fantasia a world class show stopper.

  • Deborah

    11月 2018年

    Lovely concert

  • John

    10月 2018年

    one of the best experiences of my life, I cannot descibe it better,

  • Peter

    10月 2018年

    Great performance. Lovely interpretation. Beautiful surroundings. Good value.


サン・ヴィダル教会 (Chiesa di San Vidal), San Marco, 2862/B, ヴェネツィア, イタリア — Googleマップ


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    ヴェネツィア室内合奏団: ヴァイオリンズ in ヴェネツィア

    ヴェネツィア, サン・ヴィダル教会 (Chiesa di San Vidal)


    1 h 30 min
    € 36,00