• Les Solistes Francais at La Sainte Chapelle, Paris ©Marija Milutinovic
  • Paris Classik at La Sainte Chapelle, Paris © Marija Milutinovic


サント・シャペル (La Sainte‐Chapelle), パリ — Main Hall 座席表

座席表 時間: 1 h




- すべてのお子様は大人が同伴していなければいけません。
- 生徒はカテゴリーの入場料だけを注文することができます。

チケットのカテゴリーで'VIP + Champagne' または 'Prestige/Admission + Champagne'をお選び頂きますとコンサートの前または後に近くのブラッセリーにてシャンパン1杯をお召し上がり頂けます。Classictic e-チケットをコンサートの前、または後に以下の場所でご提示ください。
La Brasserie l'Annexe
5 Bd du Palais
75004 Paris





  • アントニオ・ヴィヴァルディ – 四季
  • トマゾ・ジョヴァンニ・アルビノーニ – アダージョ
  • ヨハン・パッヘルベル – キャノン


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4.9 の 5

  • Bobbye G, USA

    10月 2019年

    The performance was excellent. I also appreciated the great customer service from Classictic when my travel schedule changed. I'll be using them again.

  • Barbara K, USA

    10月 2019年

    Very nice event. I loved being in La Sainte Chapelle and the music was perfect. The only drawback was the long line and security issues. I understand why these occur due to the Ministry of Justice Buildings being involved, but it was nonetheless a difficulty for attendees.

  • Stephanie H, USA

    09月 2019年


  • Donna M, Canada

    09月 2019年

    Wonderful experience. Musicians and choice of music were perfect for the setting. Well executed on the part of the organizers. Have attended these concerts before and would highly recommend them

  • Ben B, USA

    09月 2019年

    Perfect event in the perfect venue

  • Karen M, USA

    09月 2019年

    Fabulous performance! David Braccini was AMAZING as were his supporting artists. The music was incredible in such a magnificent setting.

  • Rhonda D, Canada

    09月 2019年

    One of the best concerts we ever attended. Superb musicians, excellent repertoire, a most beautiful setting and great organization re ticketing and access.

  • Ernie A, USA

    09月 2019年

    Excellent. The musicians were incredibly talented.

  • Judith M

    09月 2019年

    The concert was excellent and I was so happy to hear a different repertoire. The group was very talented and all of the members of the group were surprisingly expert and artistic.

  • James G, USA

    07月 2019年

    I liked the experience so much that I booked another show for a family vacation coming up in about 3 weeks!

  • Mark T, USA

    07月 2019年

    Outstanding concert!

  • Lynette I, Australia

    07月 2019年

    both the concert and venue were fabulous.

  • Cullen S, USA

    07月 2019年

    This was an amazing experience!! We loved every minute of the concert and we couldn’t have asked for a more beautiful setting than Sainte Chapelle!

  • Richard F, USA

    07月 2019年

    Outstanding location. Superb musicians! Great evening! Great value! Go!

  • Richard R, USA

    07月 2019年

    The setting and concert performance were truly excellent. The beautiful chapel and the room acoustics were remarkable. The only negative was the room temperature which was very warm inside on a relatively mild day. Electric fans should be used

  • Amy W, USA

    07月 2019年

    An incredibly beautiful musical experience. The talented musicians and their passion, amidst this setting — truly amazing.

  • David S, New Zealand

    07月 2019年

    A highlight of our trip.

  • Marcelo M, Brazil

    07月 2019年

    Congratulation!!!! We apreciated a lot!!!!

  • Heather P, USA

    07月 2019年

    Excellent! We enjoyed the concert and hope to go again the next time in Paris.

  • Julie L, USA

    07月 2019年

    It was absolutely beautiful and first class music making. So talented and engaging, and all encompassed by such an extraordinary atmosphere. Worth every penny and then some!

  • Charmaine C, Singapore

    07月 2019年

    The performance was good but I felt that the music didn’t fill the venue as I had expected. It seemed quite muted

  • John R, USA

    07月 2019年


  • Stephanie P, USA

    07月 2019年

    Fantastic and the duration of the concert was perfect.

  • Thomas W, China

    07月 2019年

    The listening experience is magnificent! The music reflected and resonate with the sound of the stained‐glasses, there is no more word enough time describe it. The performers are very professional and also have good master over the sense of humour and the artistic during the performance.

  • Paul v, Netherlands

    07月 2019年

    It was well played but too much of the same. Scenery of course beautiful.

  • Susan A, USA

    07月 2019年

    Very beautiful! Worth going to in such a beautiful setting!

  • Elisabeth H, Norway

    07月 2019年

    Very entertaining performance. Beautiful ensemble, well played. Amazing surroundings.

  • Thomas S, USA

    06月 2019年

    Beautiful music in a beautiful setting! The musicians were very talented and the acoustics in the chapel were outstanding. The concert lasted for 1 hour. Definitely with the price of admission.

  • catherine b, USA

    06月 2019年

    Definitely a must do event in Paris! I have been three times and the music and ambience never fails to overwhelm me. Love this venue!!

  • Colette J, USA

    06月 2019年

    I thought the ambiance, location and concert were incredible. We were very sensitive to the location and the history of the Ste. Chapelle but having a concert in it made it all more special. I wish we had been given a program instead of having to purchase it. A simple piece of paper would have been acceptable just to know the names of the singer, orchestra and the contents of the program.


サント・シャペル (La Sainte‐Chapelle), 8, boulevard du Palais, パリ, フランス


  • サント・シャペルでのコンサート & Les Fous de l'Îleでのディナー

    サント・シャペルでのコンサート & Les Fous de l'Îleでのディナー

    パリ, サント・シャペル (La Sainte‐Chapelle)

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    € 64,00